Dear Editors,

This is the first time my kid was admitted to hospital ever since i bought insurance for them. I had purchased insurance (hospital (CPF) + no cash coverage) policy for my kids from Great Eastern Insurance company on 30 Oct 15, my son was admitted to Thomson Medical Centre (since baby have been visiting TMC) and they asked me to pay a deposit of $1,050 claiming that there are not able to see any policy from the system hence there is no so called letter of guarantee. I called my agent with surprised (“not able to see any policy!”) and wanted her to assure me that my policy is valid as I have been paying by GIRO and of course the CPF deduction and she said yes, mine is platinum plan. But anyway, i still proceed as my son need to be hospitalize and we should not delay to get him treated, but i am confident i am paying through GIRO monthly.

After 3 nights of stay and during discharged 3rd Nov 15, we were told to settle the total bill of $2,200+ as there is still no policy stated in their system so there have to collect cash to settle the bill. Without any choice, we have to come out with cash and made payment to discharged. We proceeded with mailing out the Tax Invoices and all documents on the same day to avoid claim delay, and keep follow up everyday but to my shock, GE said that they have not receive from CPF board the premium and have to wait.

I logged into my CPF and saw the deduction made on 10 Nov but the CS insisted that the system does not receive the payment so they cannot process, must wait, take about 45 days. I just called Thomson medical Centre to do the E-filing and they just claimed that they did due to the officer was on leave from the day we discharged hence for a week plus, the hospital did not bother to do any things for us and if GE did not receive any payment from CPF, there is no way TMC can do e-filing! I completely lost! I was not told about these renewal coincide process, nobody told me and sick is not something we can plan! I called everyday to follow up while working as my agent was not so helpful, i need to do the job all by myself.

The answer everyday is the same, cannot processed as CPF haven’t revert to them. The GE CS told me if they receive payment from CPF, then they will call me and i have to call TMC to do e-filing again.

I am very stressful in whether am i getting back my $3k+ or not? I had obviously purchased an insurance policy but why do i need to go through all these? Accordingly to friends, they do not have to go through all these, the hospital will do a e-filing and they receive the cheque smoothly without long waiting automatically. It have been 11 days and nothing have been process or done and expect me to wait for minimum 45 days to unknown duration. I have no clue what am i buying? Have been paying for years and the first time i need to utilize it and it happened to me.

Wendy Su
A.S.S. Contributor

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