Dear Editors,

Most governments make things simple and clear for their citizens. But not the PAP. It seems that PAP is out to deliberately confuse Singaporeans.

1. Look at CPF Scheme! It has OA, Medisave Account, Special Account, Retirement Account. How many Singaporeans know which account is for what? CPF is my money. What is each account for? When can I claim from my Medisave Account? How is the claim process? Is the PAP deliberately trying to confuse me?

2. Owning a car? COE, PARF, Registration Fee, how to bid for COE? Vicom Check? Road tax? Petrol levy? Why so confusing?

3. Health care in Singapore – Try to understand MOH’s pamphlet on Medishield Life and you realise how confusing everything is

4. Buying a HDB flat? How to apply for HDB flat? Balloting for your flat?

When you live long in Singapore, you will sense that PAP is deliberately confusing Singaporeans so that it can get away with bad and wrong policies because many Singaporeans don’t know what is really going on even if PAP fumbles badly

Tracy Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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