Dear Editors,

I am tired of the PAP for the following reasons:

1. When Singaporeans fight for Singaporeans, the PAP calls them xenophobic.

2. When Singaporeans asked the govt to take care of elderly Singaporeans who have to pick cardboard boxes for a living, the PAP said they did it for exercise.

3. When Singaporeans raised the issue of old Singaporeans having to wipe tables at hawker centres for a living, the PAP said they these Singaporeans don’t actually need the money but is wiping tables because they don’t want to be bored staying at home.

4. When Singaporeans mentioned the high cost of healthcare in Singapore, the PAP said the best way to reduce healthcare is not to fall sick.

5. When Singaporeans said that subsidised public housing is expensive, the PAP said that a Singaporean earning $1000 per month can afford to have two children and own a 2-bedroom HDB flat.

6. When Singaporeans said that some foreigners don’t obey Singapore laws, the PAP said that Singaporeans commit more crimes.

7. When Singaporeans request the govt to care for the poor, the PAP said there is no poor people in Singapore.

I am sick and tired of hearing lies

Tracy Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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