Earlier, we published a story of a SAF regular trying to pick up random girl on whatsapp:

One of our female readers has stood up to defend him.


Is there anything wrong trying to pick up a girl?

From the way I see it, if a girl is genuinely against being picked up, she would have said “Sorry I have a bf.” Then don’t entertain the guy!

In this case, pose as the gf, entertain him from 1.20am to 2.00am, then cry out: “Oh! You are trying to pick me up despite I have a bf!” Gave the guy false hope, trick him, coerced him into giving personal details, then shame him online. That, guys, is MEAN. VERY MEAN.

If you don’t want him, just reply so politely and step off. No need to do all this to him leh… He didnt rape, molest, blackmail or trick your gf right? Why shame him publicly when you and your gf are the one who tricked him?

“She” has been entertaining his messages from 1.20am to 2.00am.! What makes him think that she is “against being picked up” even if she has a bf.

Look, i have a bf. If a guy texted me like that, I’ll say “sorry I have a bf” and then won’t bother entertaining the guy.

Yeah it was the bf all along.. He tricked Josh, and played him on all the way for 40 mins… Egged him on, asked for personal details…

A.S.S Reader

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