While most families were out celebrating their Deepavali holiday yesterday, one unfortunate reader and her friends and family were harassed by a group of rowdy foreign workers while they were barbecuing at East Coast Park. One of the drunk Indian workers even approached the local women and demanded food, drinks and even beer. Although the women gave food and drinks to avoid any trouble, the workers turned aggressive when the women told the workers that they had no beer. It took the arrival of the Singapore Police Force to defuse the situation.

Even then a small group of workers continue to loiter around the area, leaving our reader’s group feeling threatened and fearful.

Is this a sign of things to come in Singapore?

Read our reader’s account here.


Yesterday we were having a BBQ at east coast when we encountered this big group of about 18 or more foreign workers loitering around the area. Even though we had a permit to use the BBQ pits, they just crowded around the area and refused to leave.

Being gracious local hosts, we just kept quiet and did our thing. However, these workers just continued to crowd around the area and disturb our activities. There was even one drunk Indian worker who kept coming over to our BBQ and asking for food and drinks! We decided to give him anyway since we just didn’t want to spoil the mood.

But then soon he came back and asked for beer. Being a party of mostly ladies, we said we don’t have any beer. Then they started acting crazy and wanted to attack my friends, scolding vulgar words at us! I shouted at them that nobody should come to our BBQ and disturb us, and I will call the police!

So when the police finally arrived, some of the foreign workers ran away. The police asked what happened and we explained to them the events. They investigated the drunk Indian worker and gave the rest 5 minutes to keep all their rubbish which was all over the floor and leave. But some of them continued to stay until the night to loiter around the area. Only when the police showed up for a second time then they said they were going home soon. Despite the police telling them to clear the rubbish and leave, they continued to sit down on our BBQ pit area and sleep under the table.

As locals, we are quite afraid of them as they were a big group of men whereas we are just a few women.


A.S.S. Contributor

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