Omg so freaking gross i saw this picture of this guy and this woman. You would think it’s a normal couple EXCEPT this is a pair of disgusting human beings. The guy is a teacher in Singapore ( Ministry of Education, Singapore please look into the morals of your teachers.. I feel so disturbed that a a lecherous man who lack of basic decency and moral like that is being selected by you guys to teach the youths of our country) in our local Primary School. Please don’t target the kids okay since you so hard up for young meat) and he just got married a few months back.

Within the first two months of marriage the couple had to file for a divorce becox he was found cheating. He would go overseas to Vietnam to find young girls for sex and then lie to the wife that he had to go overseas to bring his students on overseas exchange field trips. CAN LIKE THIS USE YOUR SCHOOL PROGRAMS AND USE YOUR STUDENTS TO CHEAT IN YOUR MARRIAGE?!?!?! SO LOW AND DIRTY.

Now he is seeing this young Vietnam girl (that explains the cute couple tees lol) and obviously he allows her to post these pictures in hope to upset the ex wife. DUDE, IF YOU DID SUCH A BIG MISTAKE ALREADY BY CHEATING ON YOUR WIFE 2 MONTHS INTO MARRIAGE, I AM HAPPY AT LEAST YOUR WIFE IS NO LONGER TOGETHER WITH A MONSTER LIKE YOU, BUT PERHAPS WHAT YOU CAN DO IS STOP LIVING LIKE YOU ARE SO HAPPY BEING AN ASSHOLE WITH YOUNG GIRLS TAKING THIS KIND OF PICTURES AND HAVE HER PUT UP ALL OVER THE INTERNET FOR YOUR EX-WIFE TO SEE. Have some decency, please. You not shy one ah? Very proud to be 狗男女 ah? Your father mother never teach you cannot be shameless like this? Hope you get karma soon you know. 为人师表 cannot set a right example, go and date xiao mei mei and cheat on your wife and lie about bringing your students to overseas field trips all. If my child is being educated by you i will definitely complain to MOE becox who knows what a liar and cheat like you is capable of?!

Singapore blogger QiuQiu

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