A ST forum writer, Ng Chong Kee, recently bought some broccoli from FairPrice at Bukit Batok MRT station. The price tag showed a weight of 0.336kg (336g) and a price of $2.32. As the packet of broccoli felt light so he decided to weigh it and it was only 200g. Selling it as 336g means it is more than 50percent the original price!

He went back to the store and the broccoli was reweighed by a supervisor on another weighing machine. The new price tag showed the new correct weight of 200g and a new price of $1.38. The difference in price was $0.94.

The kind Mr Ng went to a neighbour whom he had seen earlier buying at the same NTUC outlet.

This neighbour bought the following items and also went back to the store to have her items reweighed:

1) carrots originally weighed 0.836kg and priced $1.59 (reweighed as 0.694kg and repriced at $1.32, difference: $0.27)

2) broccoli originally weighed 0.874kg and priced $6.03 (reweighed as 0.732kg and repriced at $5.05, difference: $0.98)

3) red chilli originally weighed 0.280kg and priced $1.45 (reweighed as 0.142kg and repriced at $0.74, difference: $0.71)

Is NTUC going to cum crean? Is this a one off incident or someone has been rigging the weighing machines? Do all weighing machines go thru inspection by NTUC and government authorities?

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