According to netizens, Pinoy food chain LechonSG has received a censure from the authorities over discriminatory advertisements for job vacancies targeting Pinoys only.

The Pinoy director of the chain, Mr Michael Riff Vesil, was forced to apologize publicly for posting discriminatory hiring ads online on Facebook and popular Singapore-based Pinoy forum PinoySG.

LechonSG is a newly opened Pinoy food chain in Singapore, with outlets at Kopitiams near MRT stations including Clementi, Bugis and Buangkok.

Should Singapore have more Pinoy food chains to feed the hungry Pinoy population?

Editor’s clarification: LechonSG has contacted our website that say that it was not force to make a public apology (as posted on ASS page). It added the action, was a standard procedure required by MOM for any error the ministry found on our job posting (how is that not force? Can Lechon defy MOM?). Lechon said it was asked to correct our previous recruitment post because of the word “MALE” as it discrimates the “FEMALE” work force. Lechon also said it’s not just hiring Pinoys.

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