A bride and her make-up artist, who did not turn up on her wedding day, have been locked in an online battle of words – the cause being the make-up artist's failure to turn up for her wedding day assignment due to an alleged allergic reaction.
According to the bride, she has known the make up artist from Fee Ee Bridal for years, and had paid her a deposit to do henna designs and bridal make up for the bride's wedding day. However, the make up artist failed to turn up on the wedding day, causing the bride to rush to engage a new make up artist at the last minute. She decided to post up her awful experience on A.S.S. to warn other brides-to-be to avoid engaging Fee Ee Bridal in the future.
Shortly after this story went viral, the make up artist from Fee Ee Bridal contacted A.S.S. to give her side of the story. The make up artist says that she failed to turn up for the wedding day because she had suffered from an allergic reaction, which caused her to miss the wedding. She also offered to return the $400 deposit that she had charged the bride to make up for her losses. However, she claims that the bride wants her to compensate a total of $1080, inclusive of the cost of the bride's last minute make up artist.
Read both their accounts here.
Sha Bee Sista's Account
This msg is important n serve as an awareness to all and i hope you will make a wise decision n beware  of people who only think of money and themselves and doesn't care about you nor your big day. I m telling you based on my personal experience. 
Please do not engage this person  as your make up or henna artist, Fee ee Bridal,and the reason behind it was due to the fact that she didn't  turned up on my big day n gave plenty of excuses which was not relevant nor made sense. Henna on my hand up to my elbow which i paid for an intricate design  wasn't  done as professionally thoroughly as it should be.. she was rushing off to party with her friends that night and taking advantage of the fact that i was being cool with her because she was someone that i worked  with  few years ago.   
My big day was almost ruined because of this person. It was bizarre n unbelievable  that this kind of person still exist n doesn't  feel  a bit of shame nor remorse for what she had done, promised made months before  my wedding that she will never do such thing and had never ruined anybodys wedding before but in the end she goes M.I.A on my wedding day.. i had to call my ex-colleague's wife at 0900hrs which was almost too late to rush over to do my make up, 
But she made it on time however everything was madness on that day n due to that chaos my solemnization  that was suppose to start at 1100hrs was delayed by 35mins. I felt bad for my solemnizor as he had texted me  2 nights prior to the wedding that he can't be late as he has other place to go to. I was glad that he understood my situation n was patience with us. 
I paid for the deposit and after knowing what she did  was wrong and the henna that wasn't  professionally n thoroughly  done, there was no effort in returning all  the money back as promised. She in returned said if she had come i would still have to pay her the remaining money which by the way in case  she is dumb enough not to realised doesn't  even amount to what i had to pay which was more. 
Please beware of this person if you do not want the same thing to happen to you. I found out recently that this is not the first time she had done this, she didn't turned up at someone else wedding as promised as  well. i hope everyone who is reading  this will spread  this warning n be vigilant to a liar n cheater like her. My hands are tied to file a complaint against her at the Small Tribunal  Claim as i will have to leave for US being married to a US citizen and i do not wish to impose on my family members  n i also understand  that i will need to be present here in order  to proceed with this case. 
I hope from my story people will be very careful n selective of their bridal make up or henna artist and ensure that they are legit n they will never back out on your wedding for whatever reason. . Wedding is once in a lifetime n it is the most important day of our life and it doesn't  compare to any other day or experience.  It is the most single important event in many peoples  life.. I hope this msg will help the public know n be aware that such people  still exist n please be careful n stay vigilant. 
Sha Bee Sista
A.S.S. Contributor
Fee Ee Bridal's Account
Regarding the post which is being posted regarding me and my services ,
I do have an explanation. 

Client paid a deposit of $400, 
I charged $300 + $30 (transport ), for her. 
I have attached a photo of the full intricate bridal henna done for her , and I did not even rush through her henna. You can see from the photo. I have done my services for the henna part. 

Balance of $70 and the rest of the amount to be passed to me on the actual day together with the makeup payment .

That night , after done with her henna , I informed her I was going out to meet my friends and I did not go party or whatever as she mentioned. 

On the actual day , I did not go MIA , but I informed her that I am sick and not feeling well because I had an allergy reaction. 
She told me to keep the $400 at first, because I have done my part for doing the henna services . I told her I would return her back the $400 because it was mistake that I couldn't turn up. And she already arranged for someone else to do for her. 

She blocked me off for 2 days and unblocked me again. And told me to return her back the $400 ($330 for henna ) + $680 ( for makeup that she took from someone else ).
Total of $1080.

A few days later , one of her family member called me and asked me to pay me the full amount. And if I don't , she threatened me by saying she would come to my house . 
I have also consulted the police regarding this matter at that point of time. 
Police advice was to return the $400 and also additional if whatever she had to pay additional for her makeup .

I only charged her $300 + ($30 transport ) for her Bridal Makeup & Styling, for 2- 3 outfit change, because I know her, and it's a very reasonable price.

I explained to her that I've done my part for henna , and also it was my mistake that I was not able to do her makeup on that day . 

She insisted on me paying $1080.
If I didn't do my job for the henna services , I would have also returned her back the deposit.

I have refunded her back total of $750.
$330 for the henna( which I have already done for her ), and balance of $420 for makeup and styling.

I charged her $330 for bridal makeup & styling , for 2- 3 outfit change.
She got it from someone else for $640 +($40 transport ).
Total of $680.
She had to pay additional of $350.

I have refunded her back total of $750.
I did not go MIA .

I did not cheat & neither am I a liar.
That was my first and the last time .
For those who know me , will know what kind of person I am. 
I will never take advantage of someone and also if I'm in wrong , I would definitely do something and face it , not run away. 
Thank you.

Fee Ee Bridal
A.S.S. Contributor

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