Just to share and hope future patrons will have a careful look before food

I had visited Serangoon Garden Hawker Centre and patronized Poh Poh Chicken
Rice Stall.

I had ordered 2 plates of chicken rice and had noticed light red particles on
the 2 plates of chicken rice.

I had return and questioned the stall owner which he mentioned it can be
eaten and did not elaborate what is it. I took a sample of the particle and
it felt like plastic, I returned again and the co-stall worker said it is the
plastic shavings from the plastic chopping board!! The stall owner refunded
my money and did not even said a sorry. And continued serving chicken rice
with plastic shaving bits on their chicken.

“Is plastic shaving bits safe for consumption?”
If not, Why did the stall owner said it can be eaten?
This is a dishonest stall vendor and hope patron will look carefully before
their food consumption from this stall vendor.

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