According to one of our readers, Pinoy forummers have been up in arms over a recent exposure by A.S.S. about the type of tricks that illegal job seekers have used to try and gain employment in Singapore at the expense of locals. They have also made their forums accessible to members only in an attempt to protect their “trade secrets” from being monitored by the authorities and other concerned netizens.

Read one of the unhappy forum posts by a foreigner here.

So evidently some of them read this forum too: http://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/exposed-foreigners-are-sneaking-singapore-short-term-visit-passes-steal-jobs

I do not understand is why it is considered “seditious” and “inciting racial hatred” if foreigners say, write or post one wrong word about them or their country but if they do it, they are not dragged to court and convicted for making disparaging remarks about people amongst them some of them consider as sub-humans.

If they vilify others, they consider this perfectly OK. If foreigners say something negative about them – even if it’s the bitter truth– it is in their eyes and by their interpretation of an act of sedition and incitement of racial hatred and that foreigner risks arrest and conviction.

I have a feeling that they consider themselves perfect whereas the rest of the inhabitants of this planet do not deserve to live a happy and successful life. They need to be successful. They seem to resent the success of a foreigner.

Angry Pinoy
A.S.S. Reader

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