STAY AWAY from people like him to save yourself trouble and money.

This guy by the name of Quentin Chong Ye Jie (S873xxx9A) believed to be
staying at Tanglin Halt borrowed money(Total of $3000) from my nephew in the
mid 2015 and had promised to return it by 3 months installment. Obviously he
has no intention of paying back what he has borrowed. My Nephew is not the
first victim. Mr. Chong had approached few of his ex-colleagues from his
previous work place(local bank) and some of them even took a bank loan to
help him and landed themselves in debts too.

His excuse for borrowing money is because his wife/gf is controlling his
deposits and monthly wages.

First month, this joker sent a text msg on the agreed date to repay his loan
asking my nephew to come to his funeral.

Second month, can’t pay because one of his patron has failed to pay up money
he had lost due to soccer betting.
Truth is Mr. Chong is in debts with license money lenders and reliable
sources has shown his gf/wife is also a patron of such to feed his gambling

Scandals of him in his previous work place are very much well known.
Ex-colleagues have all shunned Mr. despicable Chong, he have since left the
company looking for new victims I guess. Beware people, you have been warned.

A.S.S. Contributor

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