Are we changing our environment to accommodate foreign workers’ habits?

The location where the pictures are taken is a hot spot for cyclist (foreign
workers) along woodlands crescent every morning and evening. A video was
being uploaded recently. The recent widening of the bus stop waiting area
seem to be passing the wrong signal to the cyclists that it is permissible to
cycle on footpath which is not even allowed in the first place. Being a
resident of this area, I am very sure that at least 50% of the cyclist are
PRC, the rest being made up of other nationalities with only a small fraction
of locals.

Conceding that accidents might be reduced through the widening of the
footpath, cycling on footpath is disallowed and instead of imposing proper
deterrent measures, eg. fines, we are changing our environment to accommodate
to their habits?

The authorities should take a structured approach to mitigate the problem

1. Warning and Education – Deploy officers during peak hours to warn those
who are cycling on footpaths. Particulars of offenders to be taken down. They
should be given a chance as foreign workers might not know they are flouting
the law in the first place.
2. Fine to be impose for second time offenders
3. Possibility of revoking of work permit if there are persistent violations

Although we do need foreigner workers in Singapore, it is high time that THEY
get the message that it is mandatory to obey our laws and social norms rather
than we having to change our lifestyle or expectations for them. Whose home
is it in the first place?

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