Dear Editor,

I saw this Taiwanese Xiao mei mei studying in Singapore sharing on instagram what she feel about Singaporeans speaking English:

After coming to Singapore, I feel I have wasted my years learning English.
What they say I don’t understand, don’t Singaporeans have to take TOEFL?
Is this what is spoken English? You got to be kidding…
They say English is the first language here, but how can they speak it like that
Don’t talk to me. I need some silence.

他們說什麼我都聽不懂 新加坡人不用考托福雅思嗎?
他們聽力口語這個樣子能行嗎 開玩笑吧?
第一語言是英文 為什麼還能把英文講成這樣
別跟我說話 我想靜靜

I feel she’s being a typical rich and spoilt foreign student. In the first place, if she’s really really rich, the parents would have sent her to USA or UK. Also, she needs to know that not all Singaporeans speak good English as many don’t use proper English as first language at home. Even those who speak good English don’t use it when speaking with friends or in casual social settings. And no matter what, I think there are more bilingual speakers here in Singapore than in Taiwan!

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