What a let-down by StarHub! Arrived at Tampines Mall on 27 Oct and had the
unfortunate occurrence of a flat handphone battery. Without any payphone
available at the mall, I was quite confident that Starhub would provide
assistance, in helping me call my wife who was already at the mall. Despite
identifying myself as a Hub Club customer, I was not given any assistance
from the sales staff, supervisor and manager. I requested for a charger, no;
to use the office phone, no; or to use any available mobile phone, no.
Neither the supervisor nor the manager bothered to find out my circumstances,
only so far that it was not possible. What a dismal customer service to a Hub
Clubber to say the least.

Starhub must equate customer service to customer revenue. All the loyalty
points given to me by Starhub for the past 10 years could not get me one
urgent call. Are my expectations too high for Starhub to help me out?
Starhub should add a fine print that precludes such service where no revenues
are generated, only goodwill.

Disappointed Hub Clubber
A.S.S. Contributor

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