Responding to PAP MP Zainal Sapari’s Facebook post on Malay racist Priscilla Poh Beng Hoon, the woman has spoken up and slammed the PAP Malay MP for making unfair remarks about her. Poh insists it is unfair for a PAP Minister to call her a satanic racist and goes on justifying why it is within her rights to say what she said.

This is her Facebook rebuttal to PAP’s Zainal Sapari in full:

“Yes, Mr. Sapari being a Minister ought to read the whole comment and not take bits and pieces and unfairly concluded that I am being racist.

I disagree with your statement: “It stems from a satanic mindset of one’s superiority over others,” By making such statement, you are drawing religious into what I do not mean at all.

As ASEAN does not consist of only Malay countries, I do not see why should the Malay leader ask for Malay language be used in communication. S’pore leaders have made great effort on its people to learn Mandarin, it is not right for the Malay leader to say that just because 400 million people in ASEAN who can speak Malay, therefore, ASEAN should use Malay as a form of communication. In doing so, he is not being sensitive to other non-Malay ASEAN member countries.

Mr. Sapari, as a Minister, you will do well being fair to my comment by not reading it as a whole and not picked up pieces here and there and conclude that I am being racist. It’s unwise and untrue of you as a Minister to imply that I have a Satanic superiority mindset over the other.”

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