SINGAPORE: A 41-year-old man was sentenced to 13 weeks’ jail after threatening to expose naked photos and videos of her 67-year-old girlfriend unless she paid him $100,000.

When the woman wanted to end the relationship with Calvin Mok Wai Lun in July 2015, he demanded a S$100,000 break-up fee and threatened to send sexually explicit photographs and videos of the woman to her family and colleagues.

Mok, who was in Hong Kong, said he would “ruin her career and destroy her reputation” if she did not comply. Feeling scared, the woman call 999 and he was arrested when he came to Singapore to collect the payment. Police found a photograph of the naked 67-year-old woman and two of them having sex on Mok’s handphone.

The woman first met Mok in 2013 when she contacted him through a “rent a boy” website while holidaying in Hong Kong. Mok, who is Hongkonger worked as a gigolo, providing massage and sexual services.

After trying him, the woman found his services very adequate and they became very close while keeping in touch thru Whatsapp after the woman returned to Singapore. From then on, the woman would book Mok to accompany her travelling arounf the region. In addition, she would also give Mok a “rental fee”, knowing that he had financial difficulties.

Prosecution ask judge to give Hongkonger jialat jialat as Mok made “relentless” threats to spread the potentially dangerous sexual content in order to extort money from the woman. The most jialat thing, prosecution said, was that Mok had taken the photos and videos secretly while most other cases are usually young couples who both initially enjoyed being filmed when performing bedroom acts.

Mok’s lawyer Troy Yeo ask the court if it could pang chance Mok as he committed the offence out of desperation because he owed many people money.

In his judgment, District Judge Lim Tse Haw said it was obvious Mok had the motive and plan to carry out such a heinous stunt. He added that if Mok had not been so bodoh to travel to Singapore to collect the money from the police, he would most likely get away with it.

Under the Protection from Harassment Act, Mok could have been jailed up to six months and fined up to S$5,000.

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