Want to know how a Filipino job seeker managed to find a job here in Singapore? Like most candidates, this Pinay netizen went to many interviews in Singapore, but encountered numerous objections until she finally got her dream job through sheer determination. The catch? She did it all by abusing our short term visit visa system.

Read her post below.

HappySam wrote:
Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 6:47 pm

It’s my turn…

a few months ago… I was also one of the eager, big dreamers back in a
Philippine province that hoped and prayed to get a job in Singapore… to be
able to help my family and to experience an exciting career journey.

So I did… after a short visit to SG 2008 and in May this year, I came back
to SG 3 months after to embark on a challenging job hunt.

Before I came, I had my chest xray checked and found out that I have a scar
for sometime now lingering there… i had to research about PTB scars here on
the forum and got two-sided opinions. but it did not discourage me. i left

I had to undergo the nerve-wracking PH IO when i left… and being in SG 3
months back, it gave me different doubts. after about 5 minutes of Q&A with
the PHI IO, i went thru and arrived in SG safely. passing thru SG IO was a

and so the job hunt began… on my first week, i got a call for interview…
now that seemed to be positive, until they preferred a local over me…

second week, i had a couple more interviews… it was interview after
interview… luckily, an employer was able to apply for my pass…

my pass was rejected… twice…

I continued applying online and i bought the STRAITS every day. Yes, every
single day.

then came week 3… 4… i had more interviews… walk-ins and calls… i got
a couple more 2nd interviews… but still no assurance of any company hiring

on my 4th week I had to apply for the e-extension of my SVP… Thank God, it
was approved… and the journey continued… the 30 days ended and nothing
happened. but my friends started teasing me that I must have the “BEST IN
INTERVIEW” so far, because I had interviews week after week…

Later, still no sign of a job offer, I decided to exit to a nearby country.
so I did… a day before my 3rd month SVP ended, i exited… 6 days later, I
came back and got a generous 30 days more from the SG IO at Changi Terminal

the next day, i got an interview… they wouldnt hire me because i live very
far from JOO KOON where their office was…

then out of desperation, I made arrangements with a headhunter here, to no
avail after 3 weeks. then I already contacted 2 agencies to pick which one to
sign up with because time was really running already…

the next week, I almost paid the agency when, to my surprise and by God’s
grace, I got 5 job interview invitations in 2 days.

I went to 3 and the following week got all 3 job offers… I’m talking about
real good job offers, not short-changed and unfair.

I finally signed for one and after a week got my approved pass and my
medical. remember I had a scar before i went here and underwent medications
for anti-ptb? It was all gone! answered prayer! a miracle! I was ticked FIT

In a nutshell, it was not at all easy… it was hard. it was challenging, but
with God’s mercy and love and faithfulness, all things are possible.

I got everything I prayed for.

the right salary…

the very near workplace (2mrt stops from our house)

the no-weekend schedule

a job in my field

and the appropriate pass with the fair salary rate.

God is good all the time… and if we just trust in Him, everything will just
fall into place. He is wonderful. He is great. He is bigger than any
Employer, He is bigger than any immigration, bigger than MOM… He is
powerful and great and it pays a lot to just trust in Him and patiently wait
for His goodness…

I praise Him for all the blessings He’s given me…

so Kabayan, don’t give up… pray about your dreams and plans and always be
in tune with Him… God bless you… and don’t let any negativity scare you
off… be strong in the Lord. kung kaya ko, kaya mo rin! in Christ…

To God be all the glory! 🙂

p.s. also, THANKS a lot to my family and boyfriend… through thick and thin.

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