Dear Editors,

Singapore has laws and a legal system. But apparently, Amnesty does not feel that Singapore’s sovereignty rights should not be respected, and believe that their own ideals should supersede that Singaporean Laws. Which is why they openly criticised Singapore’s laws, and are reaching out to the public in attempt to put pressure on the Singaporean government.

Who the hell do these bigots think they are?

Shocking as it may seem, the law exists to protect the people. It does not exist to make activists feel good about themselves. If everyone thinks that they can simply use a whole bunch of twitter and facebook accounts to assert influence on our system of law and order, will we even have a country in the end?

Singapore is NOT obligated to give Kho Jabing an endless supply of avenue for legal recourse. He had his chances. Sorry it didn’t work the way he wanted to.

When you submit a plea of clemency, YOU RESPECT THE PRESIDENT’S DECISION. The clemency is NOT a lottery ticket, where you praise it if it favors you, and you curse and swear when it doesn’t. I repeat: RESPECT THE PRESIDENT’S DECISION.

The outcries of second chances, and stopping death sentence, sickens and disgusts me. We are not talking about convicting and executing an innocent man here. We are talking about a criminal, whose deliberate acts of violence directly caused the death of an innocent victim. All so that he can steal his phone. This is a monster that cannot be allowed to walk the same streets asthe innocent civilians!

Funny how these pretentious hypocrites aren’t crying out for the justice of a man who whose life was lost because of a criminal’s selfish desires. Did the person who died not deserve a second chance? Where is his second chance now?

As a Singaporean. This is the message that I will like to send to Amnesty and all the other self-righteous activists. SHUT THE HELL UP! YOU HAVE NO PLACE TELLING SINGAPORE WHAT IT CAN OR CANNOT DO!

SG Keyboardwarrior
A.S.S. Contributor

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