Dear Editors,

SDP recently held an Ordinary Members’ Conference to elect a new Central Executive Committee (CEC) and Ms Wong Souk Yee who stood in Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC during GE2015 was elected as SDP’s Chairman, the party’s second in command. This comes on the back of ex-SDP chairman Jeffrey George being arrested on drug-related charges.

During GE2015, I was enthralled with the resurgent SDP, an SDP who had credible, knowledgable and professional candidates to stand for elections. People like Dr Paul Tambyah or Mr Damanhuri Abbas who clearly knew their stuff. Dr Paul is a potential Health Minister waiting in the wings while Mr Abbas understands the concerns of the Malay community at the back of his palm.

I have to be frank, when it was revealed that Ms Wong was elected as SDP’s second in command, I was puzzled. No disrespect to her but when compared to candidates like Dr Paul and Mr Damanhuri, she is a political lightweight who has little weight to carry a team on her own. Why did the CEC make such a puzzling nomination instead of electing the obvious ‘A’ candidates in SDP’s stable?

If SDP were to make significant inroads during GE2020, shouldn’t they put their best people forward to maximise their chances of getting into Parliament? SDP is Singapore’s best chance of a real alternative in Parliament. They are unlike the WP who only aspires to be a co-driver to the PAP, that to me is not a real Opposition.

I sincerely hope SDP will put all their best people forward and give the PAP a good run for their money. Dr Chee Soon Juan is the star player, but they need others diamonds like Mr Damanhuri or Dr Paul to gain in stature to have any chance of defeating the PAP behemoth.

Hafiz Jumaat
A.S.S. Contributor

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