I read with horror that the Police is not taking any action against Tan Sen Yang who punched the driving instructor. Police said its not a serious case (no stitching needed, no bones broken no broken tooth) so the victim would have to pursue a civil case on his own.

My 55 years old father is a driving instructor at ComfortDelGro Driving Centre and I can’t imagine if he would be bullied like that. Whatever the reason, people shouldn’t resort to violence.

Driving instructors cannot choose their customers and even though the student might be rude and demanding, instructors have to be nice and provide good service, otherwise they get complain too many times will get into trouble with the company. In that sense, if they encounter violent students, the law should protect them.

We have seen many times offenders being thrown into jail for punching cab drivers and bus drivers. There is no tolerance for violence against them, even if just one punch. But yet, why are driving instructors different? Because driving instructors can tahan being beaten up? Or rage against driving instructors is tolerated?

Let’s not forget Neo Gim Huah who was sentenced to three weeks jail for voluntarily causing hurt for slapping blogger Amos Yee just once. So why was Neo jailed and Tan Sen Yang spared by the law? Can the police please explain??

A.S.S. Contributor

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