A mysterious fall from a building has left a pretty 19 year-old Malaysian girl, who came to work in Singapore to support her family back home, paralyzed in one side of her body.

The fall also left her with shattered bones in every part of her body and a hefty hospitalization bill after she received treatment locally.

Her family, which was already in financial troubles before the incident, have now turned to kind hearted Singaporeans for help. They hope to raise at least RM300,000 in donations to cover her medical fees.

Ms Yeo, the victim, is the second child in her family. Her elder sister, 24, has already married while her brother, 13, is still schooling. Her father was involved in a car accident in May this year, which caused him to lose his ability to work.

To make ends meet, Ms Yeo came to Singapore in August with a group of friends to find work in Singapore. Yet barely 2 months later on 3rd October, her family received information that Ms Yeo had fallen off a building and was warded in hospital.

According to medical reports, Ms Yeo had fallen off the 4th storey in unknown circumstances. The impact caused severe fractures in her skull and legs, as well as serious damage to almost all her internal organs. The severity of the fall also caused her left brain to cease functioning, causing her to have a stroke. She remains paralyzed in the right side of her body.

Ms Yeo has also lost her memory and her ability to speak. She will require long term medical care and rehabilitation.

According to the Singapore Police Force, 3 men have been arrested in connection with Ms Yeo’s fall. However, more details into what conspired will have to wait as investigators are waiting for Ms Yeo’s condition to improve before recording her statement.

Meanwhile, Ms Yeo’s family has made public their plea for RM300,000 in donations to Singaporeans through Chinese daily Shin Min Daily News. They have requested that interested donors contact Ms Yeo’s father at 012-8832196 or her mother, 012-4846010. Alternatively, donors may make their donations directly to Ng Yoke Peng at Public Bank Berhad 4-7285823-25.

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