A video showing a clearly aggressive driving trainee landing a a right hook on a driving instructor’s jaw has gone viral. According to witnesses, the driving student has been terminated from the school with immediate effect. Unfortunately, no further action will be taken against the hooligan by CDC and the Police. The Police has advised the victim to file a civil suit and they will not be pressing charges against the aggressor.

The victim shared his account of the incident and how it all started:

“Im here to impart skills to u.. teach u from dono anything until can drive car and smuggle drugs or go gang fight(since ure a gangster).. u pay money expect service so i try to give u good service.. even u are late for lesson, when u said sorry i told u dont need to say sorry.

I ask u simple thing u not happy?

“Why u adjust my(instructor) seat? Next time dont need to adjust that seat coz u will spend more time in the driver’s seat during lesson.. thats for me”

Anyway if u didnt know, that seat is already adjusted nicely for us to be able to see the mirrors and ensure YOUR SAFETY during lessons. Not for u to adjust so that u feel comfortable during the trip from the carpark lot to where im conducting ur lesson. U are learning moving off, so u would most probably spend maximum 10mins on that seat while i give a demonstration before changing over and let u take the driver seat mah? Like that also not happy meh? Must scold vulgar and start to be aggressive meh? I still keep quiet leh… want to change instructor change lor.. change already still not happy?”

The poor driving instructor also expressed his disappointment:

“In the name of my beloved company, wearing my company uniform, constantly reminded by my Shift IC and fellow colleagues to not react to this guy, i got a nice one to my face.

I just hope CDC will take further action besides just terminating the student from the school since Police said its not a serious case (no stitching needed, no bones broken no broken tooth).

I was asked to go and do a civil suit on my own. How i wish my company loves me and will help me pursue the matter and bring Tan Sen Yang to justice because in Singapore, lawyer fees are very expensive.

If i were to lay my hands on him, without hessitation, my company will deifinitely terminate me. Thats the reason why i kept my hands down despite Tan Sen Yang provoking and hurling vulgarities at me. Lets hope my company wont let me down and show that they care for the well being of the staff and they protect their instructors from such violent individuals.

I believe u guys agree that Tan Seng Yang should not get away with just being terminated from CDC.”

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