Yesterday, it was reported that the Malaysian Minister for Communications and Multimedia called for ASEAN to use Malay as the language of communication to unite the region. In a shocking response, fervent CHC supporter and regular contributor to the 154 forum page Priscilla Poh Beng Hoon said that the Malay language is irrelevant and not as valued as Hebrew, English and Mandarin. She also said that the Malay language makes her vomit.

“The Malay language makes me vomit. Only very low class leaders with inferiority complex call for use of this irrelevant language. The most valued languages in the world are Hebrew, English, Mandarin.
S’pore should detach from ASEAN. S’pore should lead and engage China, Taiwan, HongKong, S. Korea, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and form another economic and political organisation. At least leaders in these countries are inclusive in areas of food, cosmopolitan views, multi-cultural/racial. These countries do not have religious supremacy (no state religious) and as such will progress by leap and bound. I dare say it was S’pore separation from M’sia that S’pore was able to progress from 3rd to 1st world nation in just one generation. Thank you God we are out from that ‘curse and oppression’ – from a foul federation country infested with unrest, terrorists, unending quarrels among its leaders, racial disharmony, corruptions, etc.”

What do you think? Do you think that such bigoted and intolerant attitude towards our national language is Christian-like behaviour?

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