My personal story of me n my ex. I hope i feel better after i post this. Still could not get over it after six months.

I used to own a Kawasaki Ninja. At start, my ex finds it romantic to travel around on the bike n hugging me close.

One day she told me she dont need me to fetch her anymore. She jus say she can go home by herself. I didnt think much, coz her workplace is just three mrt stations away and she told me its more convenient as when i reach the timing, she could be at home already.

Ok so due to my own busy work we can only meet weekends. She suddenly keep complaining about the hot weather n rain riding a bike. I told her i know but i can afford a sedan, juz need more time for my career to stabilise. But she is juz so unhappy.

It seems like its destined for me to find out. As i was riding on the cte, it started to rain. I stopped at the side to wear a jacket, i look at the traffic jam right in front of me and hoping i can reach home safely.

A Mercedes CLA45 drove by slowly and i saw what look like my gf in it through the drizzle. I thought to myself i mus be seeing things. But my sixth sense keep telling me its my gf. I lost sight of the car after wearing my rain clothes, i decided to go to my gf house to look for her instead.

When i reached her place, i saw a 45 with same colour but i couldnt be sure its the one i saw at the cte. And so i lifted my head and saw a man n my gf holding hands at the lift lobby.

Me on a bike in the drizzling rain with streams of rain water down my full face helmet n looking at this scene. I really feel surreal. I confronted them. My gf got a shock and we talk it out like adults should. The man left n drove off the 45. So she decided to leave me for Mr 45. Reasons like we are not compatible sounds like BS to me. She juz simply end a 1yr relationship like tat.

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