Dear ASS,

A gay man was caught posting and confessing on facebook that he had frequent sex with underaged boys. He claimed that it was very common in the gay society in Singapore and that age is just a number. He said that the SPF and the SIngapore government were useless and they couldn’t stop him.

The man using the Facebook handle ‘Timothae Zacharyy’ claims: “There is nothin wrong being gay and the OP aint gay. … Ive been gay for 14years and still am. Ive seen and done all gay acts and all actions that anyone can ever think of that may be sick.. some may see me as a paedofile for sleeping and having sex with underage boys here in singapore.. but its completely normal here as the gay society majority here in Singapore feels that age is just a number and as long there is 2 willing party.. there is nothing the police or the useless singapore govt can do. ”

A tipoff was made and the reference number was CS20151015/0001. The SPF has done nothing and it has been a couple of weeks. We all know how fast it takes them to fix any opposition supporter. Maybe the SPF is turning a blind eye to paedophilia!!

Masked Crusader
A.S.S. Contributor

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