‪Dated‬: Today/ Wed, 28 Oct 2015
‪To‬: Changi Airport Group (CAG)
‪‎Matter‬: Christmas Decorations being put up, along Changi airport Road, when Deepavali is still around the corner. No sign of Deepavali decorations too!

Dear Changi Airport Group

1. I’m Sure you’re well aware that Changi Airport is one of Singapore’s most iconic, recognized and decorated landmarks and places of interest to both locals and visitors.

2. Hence imagine my disquiet and discomfort and how troubled I felt to notice in a fren’s FB posting that Xmas decorations are already being put up along changi airport.. (Please see attached photo)

(Caveat – I’ve not been inside any of your Terminals recently so maybe you have decorated the interiors appropriately?
To be fair, I’m keeping my Fingers crossed.

3. Why you may wonder my disgruntlement? Simple, and that is because we are a multi-cultural society and we are a society in which the SG government has seen it fit to treat all major religions and cultural groups with due respect, equitably and fairly and you may be delighted to note that the Deepavali holiday falls on the 10th of November 2015.. Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. You are right.. A month and a half before xmas (25th December 2015).

4. So I wonder dear Changi Airport Group.. Is it budgetary constraints, not having the local calendar on your desks or sheer laziness that compelled your organsiation to get straight to putting up xmas decorations now instead of having to be clever and modify the decorations used for Deepavali for the Xmas hols which I do agree are almost universally celebrated holidays now as opposed to having any real religious connotation nor spiritual meaning.

5. Dear folks, Does your customer profile not indicate that amongst the top 5 of your visitors are folks from the Indian subcontinent?

6. Does not the fact that you have conveniently ignored/ done away with or totally blanked out from your collective consciousness a local public religious holiday that is celebrated in your country bother/ concern/ bewilder you?

7. I’m Grossly disillusioned, disappointed n disheartened that the first place of disembarkation n last place before leaving SG could be so callous, careless and caustic towards one group of their own brethren.

8. Please right this wrong ASAP..

9. I’m still not sure whether I’ll have the energy to write to the straits times regarding this snafu by your otherwise impeccably managed organisation but I’ll await a considered, positive and informative reply from your organization before I do decide.

Thank you but nonetheless still greatly troubled.

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