This case happen on 22 October around 2pm. I saw this guy seat on reserved seat when I get into train on lakeside mrt station. He is already took almost 1.5 seat on reserved seat.

When the train reached on Clementi station, a very old malay uncle who cant even walk properly get into train with a stick, and luckily uncle has seat but beside that big size guy (BSG). However, the argument began after train just pass through Dover. The BSG fall asleep and fall to uncle site, and, uncle was angry after few times it happen, and wake him up with a hard push.

The statement this guy made to uncle was surprise everyone surrounding: “what u want? (in Hokkien )” then he found uncle is malay and don’t understand Hokkien, then he using his poor Singlish: “Apa u mau? Push push push for what? Sleep cannot meh? I gemuk mah, I mau sleep mah. Cannot ar?”

After that, uncle holding my hand and demonstrate how that guy put his weight on him, but that guy still staring on him and raised up his voice questioning uncle “so, What u want? Guai lan ar u (rude word in Hokkien that means like, r u want to stir up trouble?) ” and keep repeated few times.

After tiong bahru, even uncle is not really strong and move his step difficultly, but he still move to opposite seat while there is seat available. However is guy still keep staring on uncle. Sad to see this happen in singapore mrt.

ASS Contributor

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