A concerned reader has shared this information about the Kopitiam in Vivocity basement. According to the reader, someone captured a cleaner mixing halal cutlery with non-halal ones. Our reader has requested that we share this post not to shame the cleaner, but to spread awareness.

According to the netizen Noor Bano, who contributed the photo to the Facebook group Halal Cafe & Restaurants, she had also written to MUIS to seek their feedback on the matter, but MUIS told her that stalls in Kopitiam Vivocity are not certified halal, but Muslims are free to consume products from such establishments “if you are confident of the halal status”.

Read her post here.

Sharing with all muslim brothers & sisters…mixed plates at Kopitiam Vivo City return tray station coz’ they are not halal certified..see email from MUIS below:-

Salaam Ms Noor

Thank you for your enquiry and may this e-mail reach you in good health.

2. Stalls within Kopitiam located at Vivocity, 1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585, is not Halal certified by Muis. The onus is on the Muslim owner to fulfil their religious obligations in ensuring that the food sold is Syaria’ compliant. It is best to avoid what makes you feel “was-was” or doubtful. However, if you are confident of the halal status of a product, the decision to consume is yours.

3. You may also refer to the list of Muis Halal Certified eating establishments at: http://www.halal.sg/documents/16_Oct_15_List_EE.pdf . Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at 6359 1407 or email Mohd_Faizal[email protected]. You may also follow @halalsg on Twitter.

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