I’ve always wanted to express my views about this issue that is ever so present in this society. What I cannot grasp is how people do not understand that we have our own points of views and you have to be okay with that – you can reject feeling the same way as someone but you cannot stop them from feeling the way they do.

I will dive straight into the point. (I’ll leave out buses, because I travel by train 90% of the time, and I don’t sit when I travel by buses 99% of the time)

When I take a seat on the train, I do not seat on the reserved seat. The only exception is when I am one-stop away or when the train is basically empty when I boarded it. I did not feel the excessive need to give up the seat for anyone and I know how this sounds but here are the reasons why.

1. I pay the same amount of fare, if not more than you. I refuse to pay that much and still be denied a seat when I am seating.

2. Which brings me to this point – I only take a seat (on the “not-reserved” seat) when I board the train from one end of the line. For example: Only when I board from Joo Koon, Punggol or Marina South Pier.

3. Sometimes when I’m at, for eg. Orchard, I make time to travel ALL the way to Marina Bay to travel to home/school/work because I WANT A SEAT. It’s ridiculous that after traveling down specially to the end of the line to secure a seat that I have to give it up.

4. If a scenario that takes place where by someone tells me off to give up a seat, I will never, never, never give up a seat when someone else tells me that I have to do so. It is a decision that I have undertaken that I want to have the seat to myself and be an ignorant brat who shows no gratitude to my peers. So you should simply suck it up, because you can scold me all you want, but I will ignore you as much as I want too. I do not understand when people want to act “righteous”. After all to put it crudely, if they wanted “privileges”, then they should be taking a cab and if they can’t afford it, then too bad. (pls note that this never happened my imagination is pretty wild haha)

5. I have seen so many cases whereby people give their seat up, and the person on the receiving end goes “It’s okay next stop I alight liao” or “No no, you sit I can stand”. Then it ends up as a “I look at you, you look at me” thing then when it’s the next stop, someone comes in and takes the seat instead.

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