Dear Editor,

My uncle working as pump attendant in SHELL petrol station @ Woodlands Ave 9. he related this story to us last night during our family dinner. He told us last Wednesday (21 Oct 2015), a luxurious white colour Lexus with plate SKD2952M pumped petrol at pump 5. then the male middle age Chinese driver walk to the cashier counter, macam like he want to pay. After the driver returned from the cashier, he coolly start his engine and wanted to move off.

Then the cashier shouted through the PA system, “stop that car at pump 5! he haven pay! he haven pay!” My uncle other pump attendants collick a bit stunned and chased the car. the driver then reversed into pump 5, then went to the cashier, this time, he paid.

So the cashier aunty later told the pump attendants that the male driver went to the cashier the counter the 1st tyme but he did not pay but instead wandered around the premises, looking at the drinks, magazines, hanged around for a min or two then he walked out of the cashier without paying!!! lexus want to cheat petrol. shame shame on you!

A.S.S. Contributor

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