Dear Editors,

Have you ever sat in a gostan train? I just did. At about 3.30 pm boarded the DTL train at Bayfront headed for Bugis. About midway to Promenade, the train stopped and the recorded announcement on board was the train would stop there for awhile.

Awhile turned out to be quite a while. Then the same announcement was broadcast again. But awhile later, to passengers’ surprise, the train went backwards at a slow speed. No announcement of why or what is happening. Soon it was back at Bayfront.

Passengers all wanted to get out when the train doors opened, but the platform doors did not. A while later, the platform doors opened, but the train doors remained shut. Then to passengers’ relief, both the doors finally opened after a while, and all scrambled out.

At one point the concern was uncertainty over how long we were to remain in the train. 3rd fault in 3 days?

‎Mia Liao Wah‎
A.S.S. Contributor

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