Dear ASS Editors,

Recently social media showed two rats falling from Bedok Mall ceiling. I thank social media for showing the true happenings in SG. Without social media, PAP, NEA, MSM will never show nor report any happenings that show the failures of the pap.

The PAP, NEA and MSM have gone all out to blame Singaporeans for the messy rat problem in Singapore. They blame Singaporeans for not properly disposing rubbish or feeding stray dogs.

But are these the real causes of the rat problem? Are the problems caused by PAP’s bad policies or NEA negligence?

Is the rat problem due to:

1. PAP’s bad policy of having so many food outlets in shopping malls?
2. NEA’s negligence to supervise and ensure that cleaning contractors do their jobs properly?
3. PAP’s bad policy of opening the door freely and importing 3rd world foreigners who don’t practise cleanliness?

Do we need the rat problem to escalate to the extent that diseases are widely spread or rats gnaw MRT cables before the pap wakes up?

Will pap truly look at the root cause of the rat problem instead of blaming Singaporeans?

Tracy Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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