Before i start i would like to say that there are lots of good men out there. Having dated quite a number of men… here are some of the ones that are simply not worth your time.

1. the frog in the well. i went on a date with a teacher. the entire time during dinner, all he talked about was his school and the students. when i asked if he had any plans to broaden his experience overseas, he simply said he thinks singapore is enough for him. the conversation was extremely boring to say the least.

2. the narcissist. the guy who goes on and on about his salary, his achievement, his whatever. doesn’t even bother to check if you are even interested in what he is saying. seems common among bankers.

3. the depressed one. very low self-esteem. always exudes negativity and isn’t confident to make any decisions including where to go for a date. not sure if its common among engineers but two guys i dated who were like that were both engineers.

4. the irresponsible one. blames everything and everyone apart from himself. typically blames women, the government, society for his faillings. full of excuses but never takes responsibility for his own problems. doesn’t hold on to jobs cos seldom gets along well with bosses and colleagues.

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