A reader has sent a complaint letter written by a HDB resident to Dr Lam Pin Min, PAP member of parliment for Seng Kang West. According to the resident, town council workers had pasted flyers bearing her unit number on the walls of her HDB block to shame her for blocking the HDB corridor with potted plants. She only discovered the flyers when her neighbor informed her family.

Is this the kind of “open” government that Singaporeans voted for?

Read her full letter here.

Hi Dr Lam Pin Min,

I am a resident of your ward. Are you aware of what your town councils guys are doing over here at Fernvale today? I know it’s only right to give reminders that the spaces at the stairwells shouldn’t be abused and bicycles, flower pots or anything that block the way should be removed. However the way of getting the message across is a tad insensitive and to put it lightly, DUMB!

When I was leaving for work this morning there’s this guy in a white top and black pants looking at the flower pots and scribbling on a piece of paper. We exchanged eye contact when I opened my door to leave and again when I walked by him. NOT A WORD WAS CONVEYED TO ME. When I came back home I was informed by my mum that she was brought to attention by my neighbour that a piece of paper was pasted on the corridor naming my house unit as the culprit/owner of the pots! First and foremost, those pots ARE NOT MINE! Secondly naming and shaming is how you all get things done?

Whats the difference between you all and the loan sharks? Loan sharks also play the same “game” no? Does that mean next time if any residents have any dissatisfaction we can print or write out our unhappiness and paste it outside the town council? After my brother called and complained, the papers on every floor are then removed. Thanks for the embarrassment, NOT!

More thought should have been put into this. I wouldn’t be surprised if my complaint is soon being deleted as it doesn’t look too nice and cheery. I hope your media consultants will bring this to your attention. Less shaming to your residents is definitely appreciated, more brain work is definitely needed to whoever come up with this Ah Long tactics.

Jo Ann Tan
A.S.S. Reader

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