Off-duty officer SSSGT Roland Teo was at home on Friday, 4 September 2015 when his daughter alerted him to a shocking discovery. A 6-year-old boy was standing on the outside of a 30th-storey balcony, clinging precariously onto the railing.

Quickly running up to the unit, SSSGT Teo found a concerned neighbour who was already there. She told him that the doors were locked and that she had called the Police. "There was no time to lose, I knew I needed to do something because the boy could fall off anytime,” recounted the 39-year-old officer.

Removing his shoes, SSSGT Teo climbed onto the sloping parapet. To reach the boy, he needed to step over a metre-wide gap and support himself on a narrow ledge. "It was definitely a risk but I was confident I could save him,” said SSSGT Teo.

Soothing the child by assuring him that he was there to help, SSSGT Teo carefully put one foot over the gap and balanced himself on the ledge – one misstep meant a 30-storey plunge straight down. Making sure he had a firm footing, SSSGT Teo hoisted the child up and quickly carried him over the parapet to safety. Though traumatised, the child was unhurt throughout the incident.

It was revealed that the boy had climbed out because he was unsupervised and the window grills were not locked. On why he risked his life to save the boy, the Bukit Timah Neighbourhood Police Centre officer said, “I had to do it because I could. A child was in danger and I imagined how his parents would feel. As a police officer, I also felt that it was my duty to save him."

When is SSSGT Roland Teo going to get his promotion for his selflessness and bravery? Putting others before himself. Respect!

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