Some Singapore civils service agencies like IRAS, NEA has adopted an approach to offload work to contract staff while their full-time members sit back and relax. This should be absolutely condoned as these full time staff are paid much more than contract staff. I urge people looking for a job not to take up these jobs as these are exploitative In nature and u are being used by complacent lazy civil servants to exploit u . Singapore has maintained a policy of paying people who do more work or complicated work more , not the other way round.

69.9% in the last GE voted for such trash policies to be implemented. With lax workplace laws and no minimum wage sin Singapore, it is no wonder the unemployment rate climbs and productivity drops. Very often contract companies find themselves in low or no productivity because of the crap deal they offer to workers in Singapore. This includes the local civil service which claims to be world class. by offering contract jobs it further divides society into those privileged and under privileged classes.

In most developed countries contract jobs were mostly for directors and CEOs who get a annual salary package running in above 50K or in certain industries in mining or scientific research . The Singapore civil service is clearly in 3rd world where contract jobs are given to lowly aid workers. The directors and big shots should be on contract work, not the ordinary worker .

The future is bleak in Singapore as the Singapore dream of having a fulltime career becomes a temporary contract .

Wake Up Singaporeans

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