Dear All Singapore Stuff,

I had ordered a delivery for 2 cheesy melt on Sunday 25 October, and both of them are cold and the cheese inside have not even melted yet. I taken this photo before I reheat it myself , this is the second time I send a complaint to kfc, after the first time I send the complaint.

Everytime I send an order they will give me ‘small mistake ‘ like sending me a crispy chicken when I order original, but that kind I didn’t care or mind, but when I order cheesy melt thinking they can’t make any mistakes with that and I’m wrong. They sent me a cheesy bbq UNMELT.

Send a complaint email to kfc, they reply wanting my phone number and address, after that no respond just like the first time I send a complaint. Kfc and their staffs are really ridiculous.

Hui Jia
A.S.S. Contributor

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