The NEL MRT broke down in the morning just as the train started to run. And this was the morning of the start of the O and A level examinations, the biggest examinations of our highly stressed school system. The poor students who were caught in the breakdown, after mugging nights and weeks for this day, had another stressful encounter to face, how to get to the exam halls on time. Many were already feeling the stress of the examinations, now to fight for time to get to the exam hall must be very frightening.

How could the train fail on such a crucial day and put added pressure on our students? Sure it can. When a train system wants to fail, it will fail. But this kind of things never happened in the past leh. In the past our trains were simply reliable and could be expected to run and not to break down. Taking the train was a no event. Today taking the train is so dramatic with all kinds of things waiting to happen.

Never mind if this is the new normal, the new standard of efficient Singapore where everything is supposed to work with the push of a button. Ooops. Today, the new normal is to expect failures and breakdowns when you pray that it would not happen, and not on such an important and stressful day when the O and A level examinations were in full swing. Be prepared for the worst and more to come. Be always prepared and don’t take things for granted ok? Students taking examinations must plan for alternative route or means of transport just in case. This is another burden, another thing to prepare in addition to preparing for the examinations.

Sorry kids. Don’t expect everything to work. This is Singapore. You can bet if the results for those taking their exams yesterday would be affected. Poor kids! The mental stress must be heavy on them. Having to slog and struggle for the examinations were stressful enough, and now this. How many students were late for the examinations? They must be trembling in fear, yes fear and worried sick. Thank God, today’s newspaper reported that only less than 20 students were late. Is this supposed to be another miracle? Or is it that the students were smart enough to find their ways to the exam hall on time?

The magic wan is running out of tricks. Is this the beginning of things falling apart? The saga of hepatitis C and the number of deaths and people infected is still unfolding like a 3rd World country.

Shall we call for Harry, Harry Potter?

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