Dear ASS Editors,

This has just happened in this morning while I was taking a cab to my office at Science Park 1. I was rush to reach office at 8 AM so that I tried to get any available taxi(with green light). He showed green light on the light box and stopped and picked me up. I told my destination and he drove out from the place.

When we jammed at traffic light, he told me to get another cab as he couldn’t bring me to Science Park 1 as he had to do something and he was busy. At that time, we were at traffic light (in front of Alexandra Hospital) and middle of blocked cars and forced me again on AYE road. There were no pavement to walk on highway roads. Definitely, no other taxi will be picking me up on AYE.

When I started taking his cab, neither busy sign nor any destination was not seen. He set the light box as GREEN. He told me to complain or report anywhere and he didn’t care about it. We argued awhile and finally I decided to leave the cab when I saw a Normanton Park Bus Stop and told him to stop there. I left 7 $ as taxi fare in his car, alighted from his cab and took video of the number plate.

Then, he followed me on foot along the way, blocked my way, took a lot of pictures right in front of my face while threatening that he would call the police if I don’t delete the photo I took.

I was scared, frustrated and really frightened because of this taxi driver. And, felt unsecured for my pictures are still in his phone.

I reported to LTA as well as Clementi Police station. Hopefully, they will look into this case seriously and take action to prevent from similar cases to other ladies.

A.S.S. Contributor

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