A 32 year old former assistant school badminton team coach was charged in court for sexually grooming a secondary one male student. In October last year, the accused was caught with his pants down when police officers spotted him with the boy both naked at a secluded carpark near the Singapore Island Country Club. The accused and the boy cannot be named to protect the victim’s identity.

DPP Randeep Singh Koonar revealed in Court that the man first came to know the student in 2012 when he was the assistant coach of the boy’s school badminton team.

The next year, the accused first molested the victim in the men’s toilet and during a team holiday trip to Phuket, the accused engaged in sexual acts with the minor. More sexual acts were also performed during a badminton tournament in Batam.

After the accused left the school, the victim continued to take private badminton lessons from the accused. When the victim wanted a stop to the sexual activities, an argument between the two ensued.

The case is adjourned till 17 November 2015.

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