A reader has sent us this distressing post about 2 maids in Simei that beat up a young girl who was throwing a tantrum and refusing to go home. Despite repeated reminders by the passerby, the 2 maids did not want to call the parents and only reluctantly did so after they were warned several times.

Read her full post here.

To the parents of this little girl… please be aware that your maid in green tee is slapping at ur girl’s hands and legs. The maid even punched yr kid right at her head twice. I could tell that ur maid is not using her full strength but however that two punch won’t be light either.

It is not difficult to tell that the maid in green tee is very frustrated and angry,the other one seems a little lost.

I approached her and told her she should not hit the kid but she just stand there n ignore me. So i told her if she continue to hit the little girl i will call the police. Stil no response from her… I then told her to call the kids parents, again she ignore me so i repeatedly told her to call the kid’s parents. She then reluctantly took out her phone n call. The other maid then told me the little girl refuse to go home.

I believe she has spoken to the kids mum, after she hang up the phone both of then carry the kid home.

I stand there and watched them struggling to carry the kid for awhile before I walk away.

Sorry to the kids parents as I can’t walk with them to ensure yr kids safety in till they are home. I was there to look for a lost Maltese as someone has alert SPCA. I was hoping to reach for the dog before SPCA arrive and took it away. And of coz I m too late and SPCA has took the dog away…

Miss K.
A.S.S. Reader

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