Our reader has compiled a list of major failures for the year 2015. Do you agree with that the PAP has failed to make it up to the citizens who gave them an overwhelming mandate of 69.9% total votes?

PAP’s Failures in 2015:

1. Frequent MRT breakdowns.
2. Adding stress to O and A levels candidates by failing to provide reliable
public transportation on 26 Oct during their National Exams.
3. Caused at least 5 deaths and 25 Hep C infections through MOH, SGH
4. High cost of living
5. Failure to work with and influence Indonesia and giving Singaporeans two
solid months of unhealthy air
6. Need two Ministers in one Ministry
7. High crime rate
8. Increasing suicide rate
9. High cost of public housing
10. Unaffordable health cost
11. Continued unemployment and underemployment of Singapore graduates
12. Having a bloated SG Cabinet (20 Ministers and many Ministers of State and
Parliamentary Secretaries) to govern a small country
13. Trying to establish new “normals” to sway Singaporeans expectations
14. Civil Servants have no sense of ownership to take responsibilities of
policy failures.
15. PAP Ministers deny problems exist in their ministries

Tracy Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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