Dear bro sis

I feel recently that there is an area where its not really debated abt and it shld be in. Im working in the oil and gas and theres been cuts all over. Tons more will be expected cuts. In this state of economy i see really unfair selection of pmets for avail jobs. Search bumiarmada, Modec, Total, Saipem, BW Offshore and even local shipyards. Maj are FT and the rule to employ locals are zero. They dont need to follow the quota. Ive travelled to various companies regionally and even third worlds are having % on local content. We hve none.

So i say again when the world is in recession are locals to work as dishwashers taxi drivers – all of us? We are truly dying! They are running us extinct. Go check these company profiles ive named – they are taking salaries pass 10k and most of their profiles are fake. If u think that prev case was bad – look at this industry. Its running amok with fakes and they are attaining PR status within mths in Singapore. When an opening is posted its shunned and surprise surprise some FT relative went through the back door and gained employment.

Angry Singaporean Employee

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