Dear ASS,

I would like to warn/remind all Singaporeans, that no matter how tough things may be, please never ever borrow money from the illegal or even LEGAL moneylenders. They don’t operate differently, and if you’re borrowing from the licensed moneylenders, it’s like giving them the ‘permission’ to harass you.

First of all, please be warned of these numbers:

+65 8279 XXXX
+65 8443 XXXX
+65 8443 XXXX
+65 8468 XXXX
+65 8535 XXXX
+65 9082 XXXX (Michael)
+65 9363 XXXX
+65 9686 XXXX
+65 8149 XXXX (Sam)

These are the contacts of illegal/unlicensed moneylenders. They often give small sum loans but charge exorbitant interest rates. Say you’re borrowing $500, you would be returning $650 but you have to return this money not in a lump sum, but weekly! The max (they say) they offer is 5-weeks term, so you have to cough out $130 per week to these bloodsuckers.

Their messages are always in CAP-LOCKS and when they provide you the account number to ‘return’ the money they would always type it in this format (3 digits by 3 digits). According to a friend of mine, they have operating hours from around noon 12pm or 1pm and they would stop their activities at around 8.45pm

Please do not ever burden yourself with unnecessary stress by seeking the shortcut (borrowing from these ah=longs) because it’s not worth it at all. If you owe money for bills or whatever, please seek help from your closest family/friends first. Don’t ever let these bloodsuckers have a chance to makan you. Don’t ever provide your SingPass to them, and even if they threaten to harass you at your workplace please do not be intimidated. I have spoken to the CID before and they said these threats are usually by verbal/text, the threats won’t actually happen.

Install CCTV outside your unit, to deter these bloodsuckers from giving your door free painting. And if you’re working in an office, the more you should not fear because the most that these bloodsuckers could do would be ‘spamming calls’ to your office etc. Just keep hanging up on them.

I personally have been threatened once, but I was really unable to repay because the man twisted his words and I misunderstood. I was in fear until I decided that this should stop. I made a report and heeded the CID’s advice that I should just ignore them, don’t give in to my fear. The man stopped harassing me after 1 week of non-stop harassment. I blocked his number, blocked his messages. Eventually I think he’s caught or something.

And it’s good to install All-Calls-Records (ACR) on your mobile. The app automatically records all voice-calls. I always keep these call logs. No matter what, regardless of how tough your life is right now, please think carefully before deciding to borrow money from these crude people.

Once Bitten Twice Shy
A.S.S. Contributor

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