The new women’s forum PetalBytes was made famous recently due to an apparent invasion by trolls, triggered by some disparaging comments a female user on the forum made about Singaporean men. It seems that PB weathered the storm… and fought back.

Having read about this “saga” on All Singapore Stuff, I began to follow the progress of the forum (in part also due to some of the ridiculously funny comments made by men pretending to be female users – for example, “you have to cook the egg white before using it as a mask”). And boy was I surprised.

A couple of days ago, I spotted a post by one of the admins saying they introduced a “safe mode”. I was thinking in my head, “what on earth is that?”. Being curious I tried it. The moment I clicked on the “safe mode” link, I wondered to myself, “why did my word processor pop up suddenly?”. Then the realisation hit me and I smiled to myself at the ingenuity. THE ENTIRE WEBSITE WAS NOW MASKED IN A WORD DOCUMENT-LOOKING FRAME! Even the colours were dumbed down to make the forum layout look like contents of ordinary word documents.

See for yourself: http://petalbytes.com/safe

It is not uncommon for forums to experience a lull period during the day, but I think the owners of PetalBytes really did the unthinkable. They actually made a function for their users to surf the forum discreetly during work! At least now I don’t have to be paiseh of being caught lurking on a forum with hot pink colours anymore!

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