Took half day leave to try Takagi Ramen’s Chashu-men at LKY School of Public Policy. I asked for extra noodle which is free to full my stomach so I got to sacrifice the dumpling and try it for the next visit.

Soup is the soul of every ramen. So naturally my first move is to take a big sip and the first thing in my mind is…wow, they add plenty of ikan bilis for long hours of boiling!
I could be wrong, but that’s what my taste bud told me. The soup is not too thick nor dilute and also not salty as some people claimed to be. I unable to describe the uniqueness of the soup compared to other ramen shops. You just got to try it yourself. A picture says a thousand words.

Usually I will remove the fats whichever charshu being served. But Takagi’s charshu is not that fatty compared to others I had ate in some ramen restaurants. It almost melt in my mouth and yet the meat remain chewy, just like its noodles.

On the price, I can’t complain any further, with its quality and the extra noodle for free if you ask for it. Now i know where to look for good ramen without burning a hole in my pocket.

My next target: Black Tonkotsu + dumpling.

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