Dear Editors,

This happen in a restaurant in raffles city, started working in this restaurant for 2 month plus and i’m the only singaporean in this restaurant we have around 20 staff from service to kitchen to manager and GM. We have pinoy, vietnamese, myanmar and malaysia. Everytime when thing happen they will cover their backside for each other from the same country.

When i was checking the invoice i actually found out that they actually order stuff that we are not using in the restaurant ask them why they say dont ask so much becasue it’s company money and none of my business nothing was done even if GM knew about it many singaporean had actually applied for this job but none of them stay longer before comfirmation because they boycott you if you are Singaporean.

It useless when you tried to talk to the GM because FT would surely cover FT. Everyone had 5 days work week but for me as a singaporean i had to work 6 day per week to draw the same salary as them. Why would someone let FT to take control of the restaurant as if they trust them more than singaporean

Even though i”m holding cert from shatec and work ard 12 to 13hr per day but the treatment werent any better compare to the FT. I’m nv late for work and stayed during busy period which none of the FT did but somehow the management dosent appreciate at all. Malaysian had the best attitude them but sadly they are control by the pinoy as well when they just stay in the office during busy time and did nothing much.

A.S.S. Contributor

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