I was there even before CHC started, in the late 80s and left in the mid 90s. Will give a bit of bio on KH and CHC.
In the 70s, KH converted. He was about 16 years old. He actually was a Christian few years earlier but stopped. So the real conversion was at 16.
He served in an Anglican church and was very dedicated. He had big dreams and started a cell group. The group started to grow. Obviously, his own plans were not really in sync with the church. I witnessed the tension he had with the leaders and when he decided he wanted to strike out on his own, a group of us joined him. It was about 60ppl
Life Partner
The Sun part came in cos KH would preach in Anglican schools. Sun converted and joined the church. They worked together to grow the group. At this time, KH was actually attached. They were getting along well but KH felt that this gal may not blend in with his dreams of serving in church full time. He called off the rship and remained single. It was a known fact Sun liked him all this while but respected the boundaries cos he was single minded in his service. 
When things started to settle down more in church, KH eventually asked for marriage. They were as good as an item cos they were very close. Up till today, I strongly believe KH would not end up convicted had he married someone else. While the earlier gal may not be as 'on the ball' as Sun or himself, I doubt she would get him into trouble. 
My conclusion of KH is he's a brilliant man, but with major character flaws, that if not guarded well, can lead to a man's downfall. No man is perfect, the bad person will always have his good points and vice versa. 
A.S.S. Reader

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