Four deeps bows. “Pastor is sorry”.

Convicted scam artist Kong Hee took to stage at City Harvest Church (CHC) yesterday (Oct 24) and pulled out yet another emotional scene invoking the sympathy of his church-goers. Pastor Kong Hee took one deep bow and said “Pastor is sorry”, then took another three more bows in different directions. Convicted accountant Serina Wee was also crying on its 200m² video wall. With additional professional audio, production stage lighting effects and several Christian songs sang about tribulations and their love for god at the sermon prior to his entrance, Kong Hee’s apology moved CHC members present to tears.

According to witnesses, there was no admission of guilt mentioned however, just apologies for the “pain and turmoil members of his church had to endure over the last few years”.

“…the church’s future was secure because of you and the new leadership that has been put in place. Out of the ashes, we will rise”

Despite being convicted, Kong Hee’s pastorship was not revoked and his wife, wannabe singer Sun Ho continued to be the mega church’s Executive Director. CHC’s new executive pastor Aries Zulkarnain said he was “saddened” by the verdict, and went on to present the judgment and new corporate profile of the church to members present.

The Saturday evening service ended with Sun Ho making an appearance thanking the CHC members: “Thank you for being here, for being courageous and supportive. Thank you for your love, it has made a difference for all of us and our family members. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

It is unknown how much tithe was collected on this special event.

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